Ritchie Boys Exhibit Comes to Community Center

SECRET HEROES; The Ritchie Boys

The Community Center is now the home of an exhibit honoring the Ritchie Boys. The exhibit will be on display in its entirety until early December, at which time different phases of the Ritchie Boy experience will be featured in the Community Center museum.
Guy Stern, a Ritchie Boy, designed the exhibit which was on display at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Michigan. At Stern’s urging, the Holocaust Memorial Center donated the exhibit to the Community Center.
The Ritchie Boys were an intelligence group trained at Camp Ritchie during World War II. Some scholars have estimated the Ritchie Boys helped end the war by two years through their abilities at deciphering German communications.
For a sample of some of the exhibits on display, visit our Ft. Ritchie Museum webpage here.

Secret Heroes Ritchie boys