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Virtual Polar Plunge

see ya later 2020! polar plunge,12/25/2020-2/1/2021. sponsored by Washington County MD, Washington County MD Health Department, M&T Bank and RMC

Wash away 2020 and take the plunge with us virtually!

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How does a Virtual Polar Plunge work?

Record a video of you completing the plunge anytime between 12/25/2020 and 2/1/2021 then share it with us on Facebook, or by email to Sam Phillips at

Where will I take the plunge?

A virtual plunge has endless possibilities! Getting soaked outside will give you the true "Polar Plunge" effect, but an indoor plunge is also an option. Here are a few ideas, but feel free to take the plunge in your own unique way!

  • Super Soaker Plunge
    • Fill up super soakers with cold water and have your family soak you - outside of course.
  • Water Balloons
    • Fill up as many water balloons as you can and have your family throw them at you!
  • Buckets of Ice Water
    • Have your family pour buckets of ice water over you.
  • Sprinkler Run
    • Get out your sprinkler and turn it on for a chilling good time.
  • Inflatable Pool 
    • Take a dip in your inflatable pool filled with ice water!
  • Ice Shower
    • Turn your shower to the coldest setting and hop in (clothing required)!
  • Truck Bed Pool
    • Line your truck bed with a tarp and fill it up with fresh cold water from the hose!
  • Creek Walk
    • Have a creek or stream near you? Walk through the chilly waters for your plunge!

Want a t-shirt without recording or taking the plunge?

Enter your information in the sign-up form and choose the "t-shirt only" option.

Most of all we want you to safely have fun!

Make sure you are not putting yourself at risk while participating in the Virtual Polar Plunge! You are responsible for any injuries, losses or damages you may suffer as a result of your participation.