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FRCC Instructor Staff

Meet our Instructors!

Rhona Stocksdale

Rhona Stocksdale, FRCC Fitness Cooridator standing in a blue long sleeve FRCC shirt in front of the FRCC logoServing as Fort Ritchie Community Center's Fitness Coordinator, Rhona teaches Pilates, Intervals, Mix it Up, RX Rip, Half & Half, and Senior Sweat. Here's a bit about her experience...

"I first started at the YMCA in Waynesboro PA as an instructor. I wanted to further my education in fitness and also get into personal training. With that said I went back to school through World Instructor Training School (WITS), at Hagerstown Community College and received my personal training certificate.

With this certification I must uphold my responsibility of keeping my training up to date. Every two years I take courses pertaining to fitness; it could be for seniors, children, and many other things relating to the exercise industry, for example, functional fitness, strength training, and exercise nutrition.

Once getting my certification, I started my personal training and fitness instructor expertise at Fort Ritchie Community Center in 2009. I enjoy the variety of age groups I work with, and the challenges I face to figure out ways to work with the participants in my classes.

After four years of working at FRCC, I was asked to take on the role as Fitness Coordinator. I now schedule classes, hire instructors for our many classes and think of new ideas to keep our classes exciting and new.

Overall, I have always loved working at FRCC, this has been like my family and I know many of our members feel the same."

Amber Reaver

Amber Reaver, FRCC fitness instructor, wearing a black FRCC logo shirt outdoorsAmber is an instructor of RX Rip, Pilates, Mix it Up, Half & Half, and Intervals. Here's a bit from her!

"Hi! My name is Amber Reaver. I always had a knack for fitness, but after having my second child and becoming a stay-at-home mom, I wanted to focus on my health.

After taking classes at Fort Ritchie Community Center, I found my passion for fitness. I wanted to help motivate others to reach their fitness potential, so I became certified kickboxing and pilates. Since 2013, I have been teaching those classes at FRCC, as well as providing personal training to many clients.

I love being part of the Community Center, meeting new people, and most importantly setting a great example for my three boys to stay healthy and active!"




Brenda Walker

Brenda Walker, FRCC fitness instructor, in a combat stance with fitness gloves and fitness gear on indoorsBrenda is the newest fitness instructor with the Community Center. She brings a variety of experience and training to the Community Center and will be teaching Mix it Up, Half & Half, and Bars & Bands. Learn more about Brenda and how she fell into her fitness journey...

"For some, going to the gym is a chore. For me, it became my personal escape from the daily grind of life. When I am working out, I am not a Mom, wife, chauffeur, cook, homework tutor, employee, etc. It’s my time to just exercise and focus on myself. No interruptions, no one to look after, it’s a complete hour just dedicated to me! 

My fitness journey began 11 years ago. Some of my friends told me to join them at a gym for a class called Zumba Fitness. I immediately fell in love! It was my first time ever working out, outside of gym classes in grade school. For that small piece of time, it was all about a mental release, and I loved every second of it. Eventually friends asked me to join them in other fitness classes. I soon realized my joy and passion. Working out, and seeing others workout around me, made me want to be a part of fitness on a deeper level. While I saw physical changes in myself, I loved cheering on my friends, even strangers, in every group fitness class I attended! 

As a military spouse I have lived all around the world, and recently landed here in the MD/PA area. My passion for getting fit myself, turned into how I can help others find this same joy. I stepped into fitness as a group fitness instructor, and eventually pursued personal training to help individuals on their health journey. While I love the intimacy of personal training, a group fitness class brings my heart so much joy! I teach a variety of classes, because just like in life, variety is good for you! Whether you choose one day or day one, I hope to welcome you with a smile and encouragement. While the world is unpredictable outside of the gym, I will do my best to keep you motivated, and excited to continue on your health journey."



Joyce Johnson, FRCC Yoga Instructor, outdoors wearing a red FRCC logo t-shirtJoyce Johnson

Joyce is the Yoga and PiYo instructor.








Sandy Copenhaver

Sandy instructs Zumba at the Community Center.

Emily Yardly

Emily is the TRX instructor.

For information about each class, visit our Exercise Classes page!