Create and provide healthy lifestyle and leisure activities, foster community traditions, and promote cultural development through the arts, education, sports, technology, and natural resources to enhance the quality of life for the residents and users of Fort Ritchie and surrounding communities.

Management Team


Buck Browning, Executive Director

Email: bbrowning@thefrcc.org

kerry pic

Kerry Dainton, Business Manager

Email: kdainton@thefrcc.org


Board of Directors

  • Dori Nipps, President
  • Mike Wight, Vice President
  • Brandi Wiegle, Treasurer
  • Julie Sanders, Secretary
  • Beth Bryant
  • Neil Davidson
  • Joe Lee
  • Ed Orndorff
  • Sally Stanley
  • Jim Sterling
  • Earl Strimple
  • Hazel Keahey
  • John Montgomery