Fishing/Boating Permits Required for Lake Use

ALL boaters and those who fish MUST get a Fort Ritchie fishing/boating permit!!!! The permits are available at the Community Center (14421 Lake Royer Drive) and fire house (located at the end of Castle Drive). At this time, there will be no cost to obtain a permit.

Items needed in order to receive a Fort Ritchie Fishing/Boating Permit 

  • Valid government issued photo ID
    • Unless the permit is for a child, in this case the parent/guardian needs to have a valid government issued photo ID.
  • License Plate Number(s)
    • You will need to list any vehicles used for boating/fishing on the property.
      • You may list more than one plate number on a single permit
  • Maryland Fishing License Number
    • This is required for those that will be using the lakes for fishing
    • You must have a Maryland Fishing License in order to fish on the property
      • Unless you are under the age of 16
    • Purchase a MD Fishing License

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